April 20, 2015

開張大吉, 歡迎歡迎!

歡迎各位街坊嚟到Fungolia呢個國土,我哋用旅行做主題去推出一系列嘅旅行tee, 希望大家着住佢哋去旅行會開心啲、投入啲、玩都玩得放啲!

April 20, 2015

The wait is over!

Hello there! Thanks for dropping in!  Pretty excited I am today...we'd been working on everything you see here for the past six months, and I'd been up all night, working on the finishing touches... and now the wait is over(for me). I've had my fun playing with designs and t-shirts and now's your turn to have fun with our products. Please help yourself around, and if you have any comments or questions just email us, welcome to Fungolia! Cheers! 

Here I am, patiently waiting for the launch of Fungolia...and for the cleaning lady...