About Us

FUNGOLIA is a new independent lifestyle and apparel brand from Hong Kong, founded by Calvin Tsoi, a veteran in marketing and design, and Helen To, the legendary “Tokyo Walker”, well know for her outrageous hosting style on her popular TV Travel programs. The core value of our brand closely parallels Helen’s own lifestyle, which is to travel non-stop and to be full of fun. As a true travel lover and veteran, we are mixing travel with fashion, trying to create a experience-based brand. Have a special shirt to be worn on your special trip is like icing on the cake, in which our goals are to constantly arose your love for traveling, and to enhance the whole travel experience not just during the trip, but also before and after the trip. And as the name FUNGOLIA implies (“Fun” + “Go”), we embrace living an adventurous life and our job here is bring you high quality products and make them fun! 


職業玩家,遊手好閒的一條寄生蟲,一生貪玩、貪食、貪睡、貪靚!人稱可怕教主爛命倫。自小熱愛日本文化,自學日文,卻慘被送到多倫多讀大學,在多倫多的McMaster University畢業後,如中六合彩般教獲日本文部省國費留學金,到東京國立御茶之水女子大學進修日本文學,當了柴門文師妹,破釜沉舟,終於完成日本留學心願。表面上研究日本文學及文化,私底下努力鑽研日本時裝、娛樂及美食,玩足一年半!學成回港後當過日文翻譯及電影編劇工作,曾任有線電視節目《活得很滋味》資料撰稿,然後轉戰無線高清台及生活台的《流行東京》資料撰稿、主持、及編輯,即阿四!然後再轉戰Now TV 101台電視人氣旅遊節目《風行全世界》監製、資料撰稿及主持,跳出東京,將玩樂戰鬥力提升,務求i以狂風掃落葉式玩轉地球!再轉到無線翡翠台拍《流行首爾》,成為眾矢之的!

著作:《風行東京1、2》、《遊魂東京》、《風行風語1-4》並為蘋果日報、東周刊、New Monday、U Magazine 選寫專欄。

About Helen To Yu Fung:
Helen To has been enjoying her very own lifestyle which is to be full of fun, full of delicious cuisine, which allow her plenty of time to sleep, and last but not least, to stay pretty. Helen's passion towards Japanese culture has been early developed, since the time she started to study Japanese on her own at a young age. Going against her intention, she has been sent to Canada for tertiary education. After graduating from university, destiny has finally seemed to shed light on her. As lucky as winning a lottery, her wish of studying in Japan has been granted, by obtaining a Monbushou scholarship for studying Japanese Literature in Ochanomizu Women University.

 After graduation, she has been working as a Japanese translator, and a screenwriter for various movie, a researcher and writer for a TV program "Wonderful Life" of Cable TV, a researcher, writer and host of another TV program "Tokyo Walker" of TVB HD TV.  Starting 2010, Helen produced and host the travel program for Now TV “Blowing in the World” and “Blowing in our Mother Land”. Her latest travelogue "Seoul Searching" in TBV Jade has arouse huge noise among the audience and press.  She has written column for in New Monday Magazine,U Magazine, East Weekly and Apple Daily.  In the meantime, as an author, her published books including《My Trendy Tokyo 1 》, 《My Trendy Tokyo 2 》 ,   《Backstage Tokyo》, 《風行風語》, 《風行風語2》》, 《風行風語3》 and 《風行風語4》.