Crossbody Phone Case with zipper pouch (With KOVID-TEX Antimicrobial Lining) GREEN

  • High quality silicone phone case with adjustable lanyard attached to minimalist zipper pocket
  • lanyard enables quick access to your phone while keeping your hands free
  • Cord: 5.0mm polyester rope
  • Zipper pouch made of water resistant nylon with Kovid-Tex antimicrobial lining, ideal for storing your face mask
  • Removable Lanyard and zipper pouch attached to phone case by velcro strips
  • Plastic folding face mask holder included for easy and tidy storage of face mask in zipper pouch
  • Also included credit card size Spray Bottle for carrying hand sanitiser on the go
  • Cross cords design on back of zipper pouch act as convenient phone handle 
  • Please note that FUNGOLIA is not liable for any damage to the human body, clothing, smartphone, data, etc., or loss due to falling when this product is installed or used. FUNGOLIA does not guarantee 100% protection for your smartphone. Scratches may occur from particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at own risk.

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